Large Sabatia
Square Stem Rose Gentian - Common Rose Pink - Bitter Bloom
Sabatia angularis
Gentianaceae (Gentian) Family

The freely branched, square, and weakly winged stems of these annual herbs bear large flowers with pink petals. The plant is occasional in moist meadows, marshes, and fields of south Alabama and northern Florida. This plant flower may be mistaken for the very similar Sabatia stellaris.

The leaves are opposite on the stem, simple, entire, lance-like, elliptic or linear to occasionally filiform.

The flowers terminal or sometimes in the leaf axil, usually solitary. The calyx may be lobed and the corolla is rotate; 5 parted, pink with yellowish at the base and often bordered by a thin red line that may then be bordered by white. Flowers usually occur from July to October.

Fruit is capsule.

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