Least Trillium
Trillium pusillum
Melanthiaceae (Trillium) Family

P L A N T   I S   R A R E

Plant is an upright, smooth, perennial with new growth emerging from an underground stem (rhizome). Plant stem is green or purple, 4-6 inches tall. Preferred habitat is low moist woods, slopes, swamps, bogs and rich valleys. Distribution is a few scattered locations in Alabama and northeast Florida.

Leaves are narrow and lance-like; short stalks; unmottled; in a whorl of three at the tip of the stem.

The flower emerges on a short stalk, white, yellow stamens and it turns pink with age. Ovary is white; anthers are yellow with purplish connectives. Flowers occur in early spring.

Fruit is a berry.

The Latin, pusillum, describes the plant as being “small, pretty and insignificant.”

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