Little Sweet Betsy Trillium
Whippoor Will Flower - Large Toadshade
Trillium cuneatum Rafinesque
Melanthiaceae (Trillium) Family

Plant is an upright smooth perennial from a rhizome. Its preferred habitat is wooded slopes, floodplains and stream banks. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The leaves are in one whorl of three, lanceolate to ovate to widely elliptic, acuminate, most sessile, green mottled with lighter green and purplish spots.

The flowers are terminal on a slender stem. The sepals are horizontally spreading or erect; petals erect, maroon, occasionally light yellow. Flowers occur March to April.

Fruit is a berry.

The rhizomes of this plant and other trillium were once used by American Indians to help stop the bleeding during childbirth. When powdered and made into a "milk" it has been used for diarrhea. The leaves when boiled have been used as a poultice.

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