Hairy Blue Lobelia - Downy Lobelia
Lobelia puberula
Campanulaceae (Bellflower) Family


Plant is an upright, hairy perennial.  Preferred habitat is edge of streams and springs, open woods, right-of-ways and the margin of cultivated forests. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem, consisting of one whole part (simple); short leaf stalks that are winged and may appear to be sessile; widest at the middle, lance-like, tapering to the tip with a long point; margin teeth usually serrate; leaf base gradually narrows to a long wedge.

Flowers are bright blue; upper lip two-lobed and lower lip three-lobed; appears in a raceme at the tip of the flowering stem; bisexual, irregular in form, each flower subtended by leafy bracts; five sepals. The plant is easily recognized by the dense hairs on the outside of the corolla tube. Flowers occur in late summer and early autumn.

Fruit is capsule.

The related L. siphilitica has a large flower that is sometimes pale blue or lavender, bearing thin white streaks that arise from the throat of the corolla and extend down the lower lobed petals.  See "Lobelia (Blue)" in the Summer Index.

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