Lowland Beardtongue - Double-Blossom Penstemon
Penstemon laevigatus ssp. alluviorum Pennell
Scrophulariaceae (Penstemon) Family


Penstemon alluviorum is a species of flowering plant in the veronica group. It is native to the Eastern United States where it is found in alluvial lowlands, particularly of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. The specimen shown here was photographed on Railroad Street, southbound near the rail tracks at McDavid, Florida.

The scientific name of Penstemon alluvoirum is a poorly understood taxon. The differences between this and two related species, Penstemon digitalis and Penstemon laevigatus, are not well resolved. It is identified within the complex by having corollas that are 1 inch long, sepals that are less than 1/2 inch long, and leaves that are 1/2 inch wide. It produces white (rarely lavender) flowers in late spring.

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