Marsh Goldenrod
(Pinebarren Goldenrod - Hairy Pineywoods Goldenrod)
Solidago fistulosa (Mill.)
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

Plant is an upright, smooth, perennial with elongated creeping rhizomes. Its preferred habitat is at seaside in fresh or saline marshes, and at the edge of moist, thin woods. Distribution is primarily coastal.

The leaves are clasping (sessile) and hairy, generally extend outward from the stem. The lower leaves may be 6 inches long, lance-like or linear with a short leaf stalk that is slightly winged. The margin teeth are small and inconspicuous; no lobes. Each leaf will have 3 lateral veins, but the veins are not prominent.

The flowers are showy plum-like heads, often in a panicle; bisexual in nature and symmetrical in form. The ray flowers are female and yellow. Flowers occur in late summer and early autumn. Some out-of-season plants may flower as early as April.

Fruit is a seed in which the outer layer is fused to it

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