Memorial Rose - Rambling Rose - Running Rose
Dorothy Perkins Rose
Rosa luciae Syn: R. wichurana
Franch & Rechebr. ex Crep.
Rosaceae (Rose) Family

The Memorial Rose is often mistaken for the multiflora. The plant is a thorny shrub (i.e., a woody plant with several stems growing from the base). The prickles (or thorns) are sharp and persistent. Its preferred habitat is roadsides, fence rows, disturbed places, and also thrives in the domestic landscape. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The array of flowers may be several to a cluster, or a single simple blossom of 5 petals.

The leaf blade is compound (i.e., made up of two or more discrete leaflets. There will be one leaf blade per node along the stem. The blade edges are toothed. Most leaves drop off in winter, some will persist throughout the seasons; remaining green all winter. Each leaf blade will be about 100 mm (4 inches).

Fruit is dry and fleshy, but does not split open when ripe.

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