Mexican Clover
(Rough Mexican Clover - Florida Pusley)
Richardia scabra
Rubiaceae (Madder or Coffee) Family

Plant is a decumbent, hairy annual. Preferred habitat is roadsides, waste areas, yards and savannas. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem; no leaf stalk or a very short stalk; lance-like to being widest in the middle; no teeth and no lobes. Leaf tapers to the tip with sides less than equal and base is wedge shaped.

Flowers are at the end of a stem in a compact cluster; subtended by four egg-shaped to lance-like bracts; bisexual; symmetrical in shape. Calyx is four- lobed and corolla is also four-lobed. Color is white. Flowers occur in the summer.

Fruit is a berry.

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