(Swamp Hornpod - Small Leaf Miterwort)
Mitreola sessilifolia (Nelson)
Loganiaceae (Trumpet Flower) Family

Miterwort is an upright herbaceous annual with almost succulent stems to 2 feet tall. Its preferred habitat is marl prairies, pond margins, savannas, bogs, and wet flatwoods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The flowers are small, sessile, disposed along one side of the branches. The calyx is 5-lobed. The corolla is white to pink, exceeding the calyx, also 5-lobed. The tube is globose-funnelform with lobes oblong elliptic.

Each flower has 5 stamens, shorter than the corolla tube. The ovary is subglobose, two carpellate, separating during maturity except at the base. The distal parts are strongly incurved leaving the center open. Inflorescence is stalked cymes, terminal and/or terminating axillary branches. Flowers occur in the summer.

The leaves are ovate, suborbicular, to elliptic and not more than twice as long as broad, with rounded bases. The color is pale green above and light green beneath.

Fruit is small seeds, numerous. The capsules are papillate or warty.

Other related plants in this area are M. angustifolia, and M. petiolata.

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