Mourning Dove
Zenaida macroura

Mourning Dove is a fairly large bird, up to 12 inches long, but with a short wingspan. To identify look for a slim body, long pointed tail edged with white; grayish brown above, with scattered black spots. Its preferred habitat is deserts, brushy areas, woodlands, farmlands, suburbs and parks.

The Mourning Dove's mellow, vaguely melancholy call is repeated again and again, sliding upward on the second syllable and then down for the last three notes. Mourning Doves build a flimsy nest of sticks, usually in an evergreen tree close to the trunk. Two eggs make a nest. The young are fed by regurgitation, then gradually weaned to insects and the adults' main food is seeds.

Photo courtesy Donna Bell, Flomaton, Alabama
Copyright (c) 2004 Donna Bell

Note unusual spots on wing feathers - June 21, 2007

Photo courtesy Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida
Copyright (c) 2006 Pete Williams

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