Multiflora Rose
(Multiflora Rose - Rambler Rose - Japanese Rose)
Rosa multiflora
Rosaceae (Rose) Family

Plant is an upright shrub that is highly branched from the base; stands on prickly, arching stems, clustered flowers; white, fragrant, many and small. Preferred habitat is yards, at roadsides, woodlands, field borders and moist soils. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are divided into five to seven leaf segments; toothed, lance-like and sharp tipped with each segment being about one inch long.

Flowers are in panicle-like clusters; white (occasionally pale pink). Flowering season is spring, but is known to extend into early summer.

Fruit is an aggregate of achenes known as hips.

This small-flowered rose is sold by nurseries as a living hedge. It is known to climb and to form dense, impenetrable masses, providing excellent wildlife cover; however, it has also become a pest in many areas by spreading into fields and pastures. In the southern states a related rose, the Cherokee Rose (R. laevigata), is an introduction from China that may be recognized by its large flowers and evergreen leaves. The Cherokee Rose bears only three leaflets on the flowering stem

A pale pink variety of the multi-flowered rose, though infrequent, is found in similar locations. 

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