Nuttall's Lady Finger
(Southern Sundial - Dune Bluebonnet)
Lupinus Nuttallii (Wats.), Syn: Perennis ssp. gracilis
Fabaceae (Pea) Family

Lady Finger Lipine is a showy plant to 2 feet tall. There will be several prostrate or erect stems radiating from a woody taproot. Its preferred habitat is dry pinelands and sandy barrens on the outer coastal plains from Florida to Louisiana and North Carolina. Distribution in the Escambia regional is occasional.

The leaves are compound, divided into 5 to 7 narrow or broad segments, and covered with dense short hairs.

The flowers are a raceme; the calyx is four-lobed, five petals. The color is blue with a reddish-purple spot in the center of the standard. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a hairy legume that splits at the seam when mature.

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