Ocola Skipper
Panoquina ocola
Family: Skippers (Hesperiidae)
Subfamily: Grass Skippers (Hesperiinae)

Identification Butterflies and Moths of North America, a website by Montana State University. The forewings are long, projecting far beyond the hindwings when the butterfly is at rest. The upper side of the wings is dark brown; forewing has some pale spots. The under side of the hindwing is brown with no markings. Female skipper has a blue-purple iridescent sheen. Flight is rapid and adults may feed while hanging upside down from flowers. Wingspan is 1.3/8 inches. Caterpillar hosts plants are rice, sugar cane, and grass. Adults feed from nectar of lantana, shepherd's needle, swamp milkweed, buttonbush and pickerelweed. Habitat is low damp fields and pastures.

November 19, 2008

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