Orange-barred Sulphur
Phoebis philea
Family: Whites and Sulphurs (Pieridae)
Subfamily: Sulphurs (Coliadinae)

Sandy Hart, August 2008

To identify, look for bright yellow-orange in males. The forewing has a red-orange bar and the hindwing has a red-orange outer margin. The female has two forms, one off-white and the other yellow-orange. The females are larger than the males. Both have upperside of forewing with solid black cell spot and a sub-marginal row of broken, angled black smudges. The outer half of the hindwing of the yellow form is red-orange. The wing span is 2-3/4 to 4 inches. Its preferred habitat is open lowland sites, gardens, forest edges, parks, and road edges. The caterpillar host plants are Cassia species of the pea family. Adults take nectar from many different flowers.

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