Ornate Chorus Frog
Pseudacris ornata

The adult frog is rarely larger than one inch long (this particular frog was 2.1 cm, or nearly one inch). This is a coastal plain species, ranging from North Carolina to eastern Louisiana (absent from southern Florida). Terrestrial; lives in open grassy areas. May burrow for shelter.

Its advertisement call is a metallic piping repeated at a rate of around two or three notes per second. It is similar to the calls of Spring Peeper, but more clear and bell-like, with notes repeated more quickly. These tiny frogs breed from December through March, usually after rains. The mating calls are from temporary pools or ponds and roadside ditches adjacent to open areas.

To identify, look for a bright green back with a couple of darker shades running down each side of back. The belly is pale yellowish-brown with a large black or brown splotch running down the sides and across the eye. The hind quarters will have two or three dark bands.

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