Nekemias arborea - (L.) J. Wen & Boggan
Vitaceae (Grape) Family

Pepper-Vine Flower                        Pepper-Vine Fruit

Plant is a woody vine with scattered tendrils, often high-climbing. Its preferred habitat is moist woods, marshes, alluvian soils, swales, sandy flats, pond margins, and wet thickets. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are alternate, deciduous and pinnately compoind (3 times), triangular in outline. The large conspicuous teeth are triangular.

The flowers are inconspicuous flat clusters with opposite branching. The clusters are 2 to 4 cm wide and shorter than the leaves. Each flower is 2 to 4 mm wide, and yellowish-green in color. There is a pistil on a flat disk with nectar glands beneath. Flowers occur in summer.

Fruit is a black berry, eaten by white-tailed deer and raccoons

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