Plant Family Identification - G
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Gentianaceae (Gentian) -- Plants are leafy herbs with showy bell-or trumpet-shaped flowers blooming in a branched cluster.

Marsh Pink
Sabatia compestris

The flowers are radially symmetrical with four or five free or united sepals (modified leaves), five united petals and five stamens. All parts are attached at the base of the ovary (superior ovary).

The leaves are simple (consists of one whole part) and opposite on the stem.

Fruit is usually a berry, rarely capsule.

There are about 70 genera worldwide, and some 1,100 species, found in many different habitats in temperate and sub-tropical regions. Many gentians are cultivated as ornamental garden plants.

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Geraniaceae (Geranium) -- Plants are leafy herbs with showy white, pink, or purple flowers in clusters.

Wild Geranium
Geranium carolinianum

The flowers are usually radially symmetrical with five free or slightly united at the base sepals, five free or united at the base petals, and five free stamens with 10 or 15 scales that may be united at the base.

The leaves are alternate or opposite on the stem; consisting of one part that are usually pinnately or palmately lobed or compound.

Fruit is a long-beaked pistil with five united chambers at its base. Each chamber has a long style attached to the central core and coiling from it at maturity, thus lifting the chambers of the ovary upward and aiding in the dispersal of seeds.

There are about 11 genera and some 800 species worldwide, mostly in the northern temperate regions.

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