Plant Family Identification - X

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Xyridaceae (Yellow-eyed Grass) -- Yellow-Eyed Grass is an herb with grass-like leaves and tall leafless stalks each bearing a single flower at the tip.

Yellow-eyed Grass
Xyris iridifolia

Supporting the flower is a series of bracts which form a cylindrical head that looks like a miniature pineapple.

There are two recorded genera and some 40 species, mostly found in tropical regions; many of these in Florida and southern Alabama.

The Escambia region is host to two -- Xyris iridifolia and X. torta. The major difference in the two is that torta reaches a height of about one foot, while iridifolia may reach heights of three feet. The leaf of iridifolia is up to 24 inches long; X. torta leaves are narrow and twisted, reaching lengths of about 12 inches.

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