Carolina Ponyfoot - Dichondra Weed - Carolina Dichondra
Dichondra repens var. carolinensis - Michaux
Convolulaceae (Morning Glory) Family

Carolina Ponyfoot is a perennial broadleaf common weed of lawns. Its preferred habitat is moist to wet areas, although it is often planted intentionally as a groundcover. The plant is a creeping perennial that thrives in our region. In solid stands, it makes a pleasing but rather delicate lawn, as it has an uncanny ability to withstand winter frost, as well as low lawn mowing heights, forming a carpet-like blanket over the ground.

The leaves are alternate on the stem, sparsely hairy and kidney shaped with round, continuous, un-toothed margins and long leaf stalks. The shape of the leaf resembles a pony's foot, thus the name.

The flowers arise mainly in spring, producing inconspicuous white flowers with five petals.

Fruit is a capsule.

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