Prairie Rose
Rosa arkasana Var. relecta
Syn: Rosa carolina
Rosaceae (Rose) Family

Plant is upright or reclining; densely prickly stems on new growth; bearing short lateral branches from older stems. Its preferred habitat is roadside, meadows, and in ravines. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are elongated with smaller leaflets arising along both sides of the stem like a feather (pinnately divided); leaflets are egg-shaped to oblong and covered with soft hairs. Leaf size varies according to water supply and richness of soil.

Flowers are dense clusters of deep pink or white colors; about two inches across; five sepals and five petals; numerous stamens and pistils. Flowering occurs in the spring.

Fruit is a bright red, fleshy hip. The colorful fruits remain on the stem through fall and winter.

Prairie Rose is the state flower of North Dakota.

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