Purple Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia purpurea
Sarraceniaceae (Pitcher Plant) Family

Purple Pitcher Plant is also known as Northern Pitcher Plant.

The plant is a perennial with decumbent hollow leaves, containing liquid in varying quantities. the inner surface of the nearly flattened leaf tip bears many stiff hairs that point away from the opening in the leaf. Insects trapped by these hairs are often digested, thus providing some of the plant's food and mineral needs. Some small organisms such as mosquito larvae find a suitable home in the leaves.

The flowers are strange in that they are all nodding and the end of the pistil is expanded into a large persistent 5-lobed umbrella-like structure.

This species is the provincial flower of Newfoundland.

The plant is occasional to rare in the coastal region. Its preferred habitat is peaty soil of bogs, thin wet pine lands and savannas.

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