Common Purslane
(Kiss Me Quick - Pink Purslane - Shaggy Portulaca)
Portulaca pilosa
Portulacaceae (Purslane) Family

Plant is a sprawling much-branched annual. Hairs are in the leaf axil and at base of flowers. Preferred habitat is between stable dunes, along roads and exposed shores of ponds, yards and waste places. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are stalked and hairy; blades are egg-shaped, fleshy and leathery.

Flowers are small, about 1/4 inch broad; 15 stamens, various colors. Flowering occurs throughout the year.

Fruit is capsule with a lid that opens near the middle (like a zipper).

Hairy Purslane is an excellent bedding plant for the butterfly garden. The fleshy leaves may be used to enhance a green garden salad.

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