Ground Pusley - South American Mexican Clover
Richardia humistrata
Rubiaceae (Madder) Family

Ground Pusley is the lesser of three species that are found in the Escambia region; Florida Pusley, R. scabra, and Brazil Pusley, R. brasiliensis.

This plant is decumbent or slightly reclining, branched from the root system, hairy and annual. Its preferred habitat is in flower plots where rich and moist humus is present.

The leaves are opposite on the stem, simple in shape (one whole part), no leaf stalk, or nearly so, lance-like to widest in the middle, entire (no teeth and no lobes), acute (tapers to the tip with sides usally less than equal) with a wedge-shaped base.

The flowers appear in a terminal cluster on new growth stems. The compact cluster is subtended by four oval-shaped bracts. The flowers are bisexual, symmetrical in form. The calyx are corolla are four four lobed. The color is always white. Flowers occur in summer and autumn.

Its preferred habitat is rich and rotting humus at roadsides, waste sites, yards and savannas.

Fruit is a berry.

Rough Mexican Clover - Florida Pusley, R. scabra

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