Queen's Delight
(Queen's Root - Yawroot)
Stillingia sylvatica - Garden x Linnaeus
Euphorbiaceae (Spurge) Family

Plant is an upright, smooth perennial. Preferred habitat is sandy woods, open areas and near streams. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem; consisting of one whole part; clasping the stem or sometimes having a short stalk; egg-shaped to oblong and widest at the middle. Leaf margins are finely toothed; base graduates to a narrow point.

Flowers are in spikes at the end of a stout stalk; imperfect (male and female flowers are on different plants); symmetrical in shape. Calyx is two to three parts; yellow to yellowish green; no petals; two stamens. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a capsule.

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