Red Sage - Scarlet Sage - Blood Sage
Salvia coccinea
Lamiaceae (Mint) Family

Plant is an upright or slightly reclining, smooth to slightly hairy perennial. Preferred habitat is roadsides, waste sites and old fields. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem; consisting of one whole part; egg-shaped; stalked; tapering to the tip with sides less than equal; toothed margins.

Flowers are in a panicle or raceme. Calyx is two-lipped; corolla is red with two stamens that extend beyond the corolla. Flowers occur in the spring and summer.

Fruit is an oval with two or more seed chambers.

This showy southern native is characterized by the loose, widely spaced nature of the flowering spike. It is found in the hot sands of the southern states. The flamboyant, cultivated member of this group, S. splendens, is an introduction from Brazil.

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