Red-bordered Emerald
Nemoria lixaria (Gn.)
Hodges 7033

Digital image 05-03-06

Melanic specimen, digital image 1-11-08

Red-Bordered Emerald Melanic, 2-12-08

Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida, August 2010

Identification: Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Pg. 373. The wings are pale green with jagged white ante-median and post-median lines and red terminal lines. Tiny black discal dots may be seen on all wings. The fringe is checkered red and white. Abdominal spots are white ringed with red, often diffused. The melanic specimen (a moth of a species that has unusually dark coloration) are brownish-green with dark brown lines and fringe. The caterpillar host plants are red oak.

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