Eastern Redcedar - Red Juniper
Southern Redcedar - Coastal Redcedar
Juniperus virginiana (L) Var: siliciola
Cupressaceae (Cypress) Family

The Eastern Redcedar is an aromatic tree with an angled trunk that is buttressed at the base and has a narrow, compact, columnar crown; sometimes becoming broad and irregular. Its preferred habitat is dry uplands, especially limestone, to flood plains and swamps; also abandoned fields and fence rows. The trunk bark is reddish-brown; thin; fibrous and shreddy.

The leaves are evergreen and opposite in 4 rows forming slender 4-angled twigs. The color is dark green, with gland dots.

The cones are small and reddish; fruit berry-like and bluish with a bloom; soft, juicy, sweetish, and resinous. Pollen cones are on separate trees.

Eastern Redcedar is the most widely distributed conifer, native in 37 states. The plant is resistant to extremes of drought, heat, and cold. The wood is used for fenceposts, cedar chests, cabinetwork, and carvings. The cedar oil. used for medicine and perfumes, is obtained from the wood and leaves. The juicy berries are consumed by waxwing birds and other wildlife.

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