Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes

The Red Fox has an overall body length of 20 to 30 inches. Its tail is usually 14 to 16 inches long. Most Red Fox will be reddish on the back and face with white on the underparts. The tail is bushy and white-tipped. The legs and feet are usually black. Its preferred habitat is near farmlands and forests with open areas.

Red foxes are not always red. Though the fur of this species usually has a reddish cast, some individuals (known as silver fixes) are black, with silver guard hairs; others (cross foxes) are red or brown, with dark areas on the underparts extending up along the shoulders and back. Such color variations, caused by genetic differences, can occur even among pups in the same litter.

Red foxes are born in the spring and weaned when one month old or more. Active throughout the year, they are best observed in early morning and late afternoon. These notorious chicken thieves are opportunistic in diet. Although they prey mainly on small mammals and birds, they also eat insects, carrion and fruits.

Photo courtesy Cela Keeton

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