Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Pheucticus hudovicianus
Family: Cardinalidae

To identify look for a bird about 7 inches long, with a heavy bill (thus the name). The male will have a rose breast patch and black and white pattern. The female is streaked brown, with white eye stripe and wingbars. The preferred habitat of Rose-breasted Grosbeak is deciduous woodlands, groves, and suburbs. The bird is conspicuous in his showy plumage. The male joins the spring chorus in April or early May. His song has a cherry, lyrical quality, with almost the swing of a march. Though the less colorful female is usually the one to build the loosely constructed nest, some pairs will share the work and both male and female incubate. If a pair raises a second brood, the male may take charge of the first while his mate sits on the new eggs.