Rose Vervain - Rose Verbena - Rose Mock Vervain
Glandularia canadensis Var. Verbena canadensis (Linnaeus) Nuttall
Verbenaceae (Vervain) Family

Plant is an upright or reclining perennial with hairy stems and a dense, terminal, flat-topped cluster of pinkish lavender flowers. Its preferred habitat is sandy or rocky and roadsides. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The leaves are variable, about 3 inches long, opposite on the stem (occasionally alternate), palmately veined, ovate to lance-like in form, and coarsely toothed or lobed. The stalks may be partly winged.

The flowers are mostly pink or rose in color, varying to purple. There will be 5 notched petals, 4 stamens, and pistil with a 4-lobed ovary. Flowers occur from late spring to autumn.

Fruit is a 4-chamber nutlet.

Of interest: This is a showy southern Vervain. It is especially good for domestic rock gardens and tolerant of northern climes.

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