Rough Thoroughwort
(Rough Boneset - Ragged Thoroughwort - Hairy Thoroughwort)
Eupatorium pilosum - Walter
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

This plant is an erect perennial herb up to 4 feet tall, generally growing from a knotty base. The stems may be one stout or several ascending branches that are usually hairy throughout. Its preferred habitat is moist to wet places, flat woods and bogs. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The leaves are usually opposite on the stem, short or no leaf stalks, the mid-rib reddish and prominent. The leaf blades are highly variable in form, shape and size (simple, lobed, or pinnately divided). The leaf margins are entire or toothed.

The inflorescence consists of clustered disc flowers held in spreading panicles or flat to rounded terminal heads; involucral bracts are uneven, glandular, imbricated in 2 to 3 series. The receptacle are flat without chaff. The flowers are slender with an expanded 5-lobed tip. The corolla is white to cream or occasionally lavender.

The fruit is angled or 5-ribbed achenes, dark brown to black, usually glandular. The pappus hairs are white and minutely barbed.

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