Ruddy Metarranthis
Metarranthis duaria
Geometrid (Inchworm) Family
Hodges 6822

March 1, 2009
Photo courtesy Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida

Identification: Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Page 366. The broad, pointed forewing makes this an easy moth to recognize, but further study is still needed to characterize some of the 12 eastern species. The wings are reddish to yellowish gray with black dusting. The forewing has diffuse, blackish ante-median and post-median lines that are broken where they cross the veins. The post-median line is bent, sometimes at a right angle. The caterpillar host plant is alder, aspen, basswood, blueberries, choke cherry, linden, oak, wild cherry, and willow.

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