Rustweed - Juniperleaf Rustweed
Polypremum procumbens - Linnaeus
Buddlejaceae (Rustweed) Family


Plant is an annual or perennial herb, low growing and much branched. Preferred habitat is new forest plantations, openings, yards and meadows. Mainly occurs in sandy soils of the coastal plains.  Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem, linear in shape and form (several times longer than broad), pointed tip, paired bases surround the stem. Additional tufts of leaves may appear in the older leaf axil.

Flowers are small, surrounded by tufts of tiny leaves in the upper leaf axils of older growth. Flower corolla has 4 white lobes, each being 1-3 mm in length. Flowering occurs in the summer.

Fruit is an oval capsule made of two halves containing numerous seeds.

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