Sand Tick Trefoil - Matted Tick Treefoil
Desmodium lineatum - A.P. Candolle
Fabaceae (Bean) Family

Sand Tick Trefoil is a perennial wildflower and is found in most of the eastern United States. Sometimes called tick-trefoil or tick clover, hitch hikers or beggar lice, it is partial to light or medium shade, mesic conditions, and soil containing sand, rocky material, or loam with decaying organic matter. The species in this genus (and there are many) can be difficult to distinguish from one another. Except for the most uncommon varieties. There are two varieties of this plant and the most common and widespread is the Sand Tick Trefoil. The other variety is called Naked Flower Tick-Treefoil, which has no leaves on the flowering stem. Its preferred habitat is shaded woodlands, yards, or partially shaded savannas or sunny prairies.

The leaves are alternate, trifoliate, with leaflets oval to ovate, entire, acute to rounded, and having a cuneate base. The terminal leaflet is petiolate.

The flowers are panicle-like, with a two-lipped calyx. There will be five purple petals. Stamens are in two clusters.

Fuiit is loment of one to three slightly obovate segments.

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