Slender Scratch Daisy - Scratchdaisy - Granite Daisy
Croptilon divaricatum - (Nuttall) Rafinesque
Asteraceae (Sunflower) Family

Slender Scratch Daisy is a native herbaceous annual seen most commonly in the southern two-thirds of Alabama; occurring in sand hills, in dry pine or mixed pine-hardwood forests, around the edges of fields, on roadsides, and in other disturbed habitats. It is an annual with a tap root. The stems are 1-3 feet in height, erect, unbranched below the flowers, green in color, and glandular hairy.

The leaves are alternate, no leaf stalks, linear to lance-like in outline, glandular downy, with serrate margins (at least apically). The leaves often have short, leafy axillary branches.

The flowers are produced in heads. The heads are arranged in loose panicles. The stalks are glandular downy. Each flower has 14-22 yellow disc flowers and 5-11 yellow ray flowers. Flowers occur August to October.

The fruit is an achene with reddish-tan barbellate pappus.

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