Sea Oats - Beach Grass
Uniola paniculata
Poaceae (Grass) Family

Plant is a coarse perennial to six feet tall with extensive creeping rhizome roots that sprout new growth; readily rooting at nodes when covered with sand.

Leaves are linear; finely saw toothed.

Flowers are double rows of florets; one above the other on stalks arising from the stem in spaces between leaf blades; conspicuously appearing as flattened (oats or grains); tan in color. Flowering occurs in the spring and continues throughout the summer.

Fruit is a capsule having an awn (single long hair protruding from the husky coating).

In many areas this perennial is planted to help stabilize sandy dunes and is protected by law. In most states; as a preservation measure; no part of the plant may be harvested for any reason other than to promote further growth along shoreline.

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