Eastern Sensitive Brier
(Little Leaf Mimosa - Bashful Brier - Cat's Claw)
Schrankia microphylla, Syn: Mimosa microphylla Dryander
Mimosaceae (Mimosa) Family

Plant is a prostrate perennial with prickles. Preferred habitat is prairies, roadsides, glades, fields and thin woods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem; pinnately compound (long, slender with leaflets arranged on each side of the leaf stalk like a feather). Leaflets are asymmetrical and fold together when handled.

Flowers are heads in the leaf axil; bisexual; symmetrical; calyx lobed; corolla funnel-shaped and lobed; pink; eight to thirteen stamens which are also pink and extending beyond the corolla. Flowers occurs in the summer.

Fruit is a legume.

The pink filament-like stamens contribute to the powder-puff effect of the flower. Numerous species of these spiny plants occur throughout the region.

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