Short-leaf Blazing Star - Thread-leaf Gayfeather
Liatris tenuifolia (Nutt.) Var. L. quadriflora
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

Shortleaf Blazing Star is also known as Button Snakeroot and Florida Blazing Star.

The plant is a perennial herb with smooth stems to 6 feet tall. This particular species is often difficult to identify because its growth habits are similar to other liatris species found in the same vicinity. Its preferred habitat is pine barrens and open woods. Distribution in the Escambia region is throughout.

The leaves on the lower stem may be up to 6 inches long, but the upper leaves are so small that the flowering stem appears leafless toward the top (often confused with the Grass-leaf Blazing Star). The leaf is linear, no stalk, scale-like on the upper stem.

The flowers are usually in clusters of 5. The heads of the violet disc flowers occur in tall, thin spikes. The bracts surrounding the heads usually have pink, translucent margins. Flowers appear in the autumn.

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