Shortleaf Pine - Southern Yellow Pine
Pinus echinata - Miller
Pinaceae (Pine) Family

Shortleaf Pine with Seed Cone

Shortleaf Pine is a native evergreen needle-leafed tree found throughout Alabama, occurring in sandhills, in rocky woods, in old fields, and in other dry upland habitats. It is a large tree reaching heights of 120 feet. The trunk is usually straight and the bark is dark red-brown in scaly plates.

Needle leaves occur 2 or 3 in a bundle, slender, flexible, dark blue-green in color, and slightly twisted.

Pollen cones are less than 1 inch in length and yellow or purple-green in color. Seed cones are ovoid-conical in outline, 1-2 1/2 inches in length, red-brown in color, with sharp prickles.

Fruit is a winged seed.

Shortleaf Pine is an important commercial species for timber and pulp production. It has the unusual ability for a Pine species of being able to sprout from the base when young if the top is damaged or killed. Trees growing on poor draining soils are subject to root rot. Shortleaf Pine is occasionally sold as a landscape tree.

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