Spiny Oakworm Moth
Anisota stigma
Ceratocampinae (Syn: Citheroninae: Anistosa)
Hodges 7716

Identification Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Pg. 47. The forewing is light to dark rusty brown, heavily speckled with blackish dots. Note the pink tinge in the ante-median and post-median areas. The reniform spot is white. The hindwing is the same color as the forewing but with a darker median line. Caterpillar host plants are oaks and hazelnut trees.

September 24, 2009

When caterpillars are ready to pupate, they leave their foodplant and wander around, sometimes quite a distance, looking for a safe place to build a cocoon. Some of them pupate underground and want to dig in the dirt. This specimen has left an oak tree and is looking for a place to hold up for a while.

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