Stiff Verbena
(Stiff Verbena - Tuberous Vervain - Rigid Verbena)
Verbena rigida
Verbenaceae (Vervain) Family

Plant is an upright, hairy perennial. Its preferred habitat is roadsides and waste places. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite; consisting of one whole part; no leaf stalk; lance-shaped; clasping, margins toothed and tip bearing a small spur.

Flowers are a spike; bisexual in nature; not symmetrical in form. The calyx is 5-lobed. The corolla is funnel-shaped; 5-lobed, with lobes notched. The color is purple to violet; 4 stamens. Flowers occur in the summer.

Fruit is an ovary with two or more seed chambers.

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