Wild Hydrangea
(Wild Hydrangea - Smooth Hydrangea - Nine Bark Hydrangea)
Hydrangea arborescens - Linnaeus
Hydrangeaceae (Hydrangea) Family

Plant is a small shrub. Preferred habitat is moist woods, ravines and stream edges. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem; consisting of one whole part; stalked and tapering to the tip with sides less than equal. Margins are toothed. Leaf base is slightly squared.

Flowers are in a terminal cluster that consist of both sterile and bisexual traits. The bisexual flowers are symmetrical with five white petals and eight to ten stamens that extend beyond the petals. Sterile flowers have a calyx with three to four greenish-lobed petals. Flowering occurs in the summer.

Fruit is a capsule

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