Texas Paintbrush
(Entire Leaf Indian Paintbrush - Painted Cup)
Castilleja indivisa
Scrophulariaceae (Snapdragon) Family

There are several “Paintbrush” throughout the country. It would seem that every section has one or more of the myriad varieties. The Texas Paintbrush shown here is the most widespread in the southeastern evergreen forest and the Escambia region.

Plant is an upright hairy annual or biennial with a taproot which may be parasitic.
Preferred habitat is at roadside, prairies, grassy areas and meadows. Distribution is throughout the Escambia River region.

Leaves on the lower half of the plant are two to three inches long; linear with a long
wedge-shaped arrangement. Upper leaves are much reduced; bristly and twisted.

Flowers are clusters at the end of the flowering stem; subtended by bracts; broadly
egg-shaped; tapering to a narrow green base. Calyx is egg-shaped and tapering to a constructed throat. The corolla is relatively small and red. There are some varieties with yellow bracts but those appear at scattered locations only. Flowering season is in the spring.

Fruit is a capsule.

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