The Confederate
Condica confederata (Grt)
Hodges 9714

Photo courtest Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida
Copyright (c) Pete Williams
September 26, 2007

Identification Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Page 137. The forewing is pearly to reddish gray with a black basal patch and broad claviform spot. The median area is pale with two large pale patches at the outer margin in males. Most of the rest of the forewing is shaded with dark reddish-gray. The dark shading is much more extensive in females, with only the ante-median line, border of inner margin, outlines of orbicular and reniform spots, and two patches at outer margin will be pale. The hindwing is grayish-brown, darker in females than in males. The wingspan is 3.2 to 4 cm. The caterpillar food plant is Spanish needles (Yucca).

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