Trailing Bluets
Creeping Bluet - Roundleaf Bluet - Fairy Footprints
Hedyotis procumbens, Syn: Houstonia procumbens
Rubiaceae (Madder) Family


The plant is a creeping perennial or some stems may be decumbent. Its preferred habitat is dunes, swales, thin scrub, and thin woods or most moist place. Distribution is common throughout the Escambia regin.

The leaves are oval in outline to slightly orbicular. The texture is thick and smooth, shiny green.

The flowers have a white or occasionally yellow corolla, short tube; four petals. The throat is smooth and sometimes will have a yellowish tinge. Flowers occur in the spring months.

Fruit is a 2-carpeled capsule on curved pedicels.

Members of this species may also be known as Innocence, Fairy Footprints or Roundleaf Bluet.

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