Trailing Wild Bean
Sand Bean - Annual Wild Bean - Trailing Fuzzy Bean
Strophpstyles helvola
Fabaceae (Bean) Family

Photo Mike Carter, Pensacola, Florida

Plant is a trailing annual. Its preferred habitat is sandy soils, beaches, low dunes, and edge of marshes. Distribution in the Escambia region is throughout.

The leaves are in bundles of three (trifoliate), consisting of one whole part, no teeth and no lobes. The upper side is bright green and smooth. The under side is grayish and sometimes hairy.

Fruit is a legume 3 to 10 cm long.

The flowers are few in a dense cluster on an axillary peduncle. Small bracts below each flower are acute, lance-like and about as long as the calyx tube. The standard is broad and the tip of the keel petals and style are strongly curved back towards the base. Flowers occur in late summer.

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