Two-Barred Flasher
Asteraptes fulgerator

Identification. Texas A & M Internet pages. The Two-barred Flasher has a wing span of nearly three inches. To identify this beautiful creature, look for a tailless butterfly with brown wings. The upperside of the body and basal part of wings are irridescent blue. The forewing has a white band and small white spots near the apex. The male (picture here) has a costal fold containing scent scales on the forewing. Underside of the forewing is a white patch at the base. The head and thorax are yellow below.

This butterfly has a habit of resting upside down under a large leaf. The males perch in sunny openings to wait for females. Broods are raised all year round in South Texas and Mexico. The diet consists of flower nectar or bird droppings. Its preferred habitat is tropical forests and semi-tropical areas near rivers or streams.

While the Two-barred Flasher is not commonly known in this part of the country, it is possible to spot one that has been blown off course during a hurricane, as was recently experienced in the coastal regions of Alabama and western Florida. The Two-barred Flasher is monitored in Texas and New Mexico.

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