Virginia Dayflower - Slender Dayflower
Commelina erecta - Linnaeus
Commelinaceae (Spiderwort) Family

Plant is an upright to prostrate, mostly smooth annual, rooting at stem nodes. Preferred habitat is woods, waste areas, moist grounds, yards and at roadside. Distribution is throughout the Escambia River region.

Leaves are lance-like, alternate on the stem, no teeth and no lobes, and sometimes hairy, with basal portion sheathing the stem.

Flowers are solitary at the tip of a stem, subtended by a spathe; form is not symmetrical. Flowers are bisexual consisting of three sepals and three petals of the same size and color (C. communis has two blue petals of same size and one small white). Flowers occur in the summer and early autumn.

Fruit is a capsule.

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