Eyebane - Nodding Spurge - Broomspurge
Chamaesyce nutans
Euphorbiaceae (Spurge) Family

The plant is branched, upright or sprawling annual (rarely prostrate) with smooth or hairy stems. The stems are often pinkish red, round, and hairless, except for a few fine hairs on new growth. A milky sap exudes from a wounded stem or leaf. Its preferred habitat is waste places, open areas, fields and meadows. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Fruit is smooth; the seeds obtusely angled with 5 to 9 faint ripples on the surface.

The leaves are opposite on the stem with short leaf stalks. The margins are smooth or irregularly serrate. The lower surface is light green, while the upper surface may have a red blotch in the middle. A few fine hairs may occur near the base of each leaf.

The flowers (cyathia) consists of a small cyanthium on a straight stalk. Usually, several cyathia develop near the ends of each major stem when a plant is mature. The flower is a small cup-like structure containing the pistillate flower and one or more staminate flowers. There are no true petals or sepals. The flower is initially green, but often turns red in bright sunlight. Flowers occur in late summer and early autumn.

Wild turkey is known to feed on the seeds.

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