Water Hyssop - Lemon Hyssop - Indian Pennywort
Herb of Grace
Plantaginaceae (Plantain) Family

Water Hyssop is a low growing, mat-forming, perennial herb, generally succulent, found on saturated soil or shallowly inundated. Its preferred habitat is ponds, streams, forested wetlands, marshes, wet prairies, and brackish areas. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The flowers are blue or white, with 4 stamens, and lemon-scented. Fflowers occur in the leaf axils with stalks longer or shorter than the subtending leaves. The calyx has dimorphic sepals, and the corolla is tubular, composed of 3 to 5 spreading lobes of equal length to the corolla tube. Flowers occur in summer.

The leaves are succulent, opposite on the stem, subsessile or sessile, and glandular punctate (sunken dots scattered over the surface).

Fruit is a capsule

Herb of Grace, Bacopa caroliniana (Walt.) B.L. Robbins
aka Blue Water Hyssop

Herb of Grace, B. monnieri (L) Pennell
aka White Water Hyssop

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